EDPSYMALTA.COM aims to provide information about Educational & Child Psychology practices and services.

It also aims to provide insights and various perspectives about Psychological theory and discuss how theories can translate to practice and inform our everyday interactions with the world around us.

edpsymalta is authored by Dr. Louis John Camilleri, who is an Educational Psychologist by profession with a special interest in learning, child development, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and literacy.

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Louis is a Warranted Educational Psychologist. He completed his training (Doctorate in Educational & Child Psychology) in 2013, from the University of East London, UK.

The site is meant to offer opportunities for discussion, whilst providing general information on various topics related to Educational Psychology theory and practice.

The information found on this site is not meant to substitute professional consultation, formal assessment and/or diagnosis.

For professional consultative services and inquiries please get in touch with Dr. Louis John Camilleri by using the CONTACT form provided.

Furthermore, you can get in touch through the edPsyMalta Facebook Page.